Bike tour for families with children

3 years ago

Co van Kessel bike tours are a popular activity in Bangkok for families and suitable for children of all ages. Safety is not a primary concern because we do not cycle in traffic. We have children’s bikes as well as adult bikes with child- and baby seats on the back.

During our bicycle tours we navigate our bikes through backstreets, alleyways, and footpaths as we journey through the various local communities that comprise the REAL Bangkok.  Due to the large numbers of children that cycle with us every summer, our guides are very experienced in creating a comfortable cycling environment where children and adults alike can thrive.

✓ Suitable for kids of all ages
✓ Safe activity
✓ We don’t cycle in traffic
✓ Children bikes
✓ Baby/children seats
✓ Child helmets (available upon request)

安徽快3We have children’s bikes as well as adult bikes with child- and baby seats on the back.

Bangkok with children bike 
Bangkok bike baby tour

安徽快3Example of bicycles that we have available for the younger ones to join.


Children cycle themselves?

安徽快3Whether they should cycle themselves is not a matter of age but more of how comfortable they are riding a bike.  We do go through narrow alleyways and busy places where balance and control are required.  On our tours we don’t cycle in traffic but occasionally cross a bigger street.  This is when one of our guides stop traffic so everyone can cross safely.  Be aware that our bikes have hand-brakes whereas most children are used to bikes with back-pedal brakes.  However it being different they don’t seem to have difficulties with it.  When you are not confident your kids are too comfortable riding a bike consider taking them on a children-seat.

Our bike tours are short on words and long on interactive experiences。  Whereas other tours may bore children with long-winded explanations, our tours keep them constantly engaged with a comfortable combination of physical activity and amazing environments。  This is what makes our tours a popular activity amongst families travelling to Bangkok。

What others say

On our bike tours we have had many families who cycled through Bangkok with us.  We highly value our guests opinion and think they are a good indicator.  Have a look what other families think about our bicycle tours on Tripadvisor.


Recommended bike tours for families with children

安徽快3The two best tour options for kids are our Co Classical (3-hour bicycle) tour or our Co Combo (5-hour bicycle/boat) tour.  On both bike tours we cycle a reasonable amount of kilometers for children (not too much) at a leisurely pace.  We also make plenty of stops along the way which make both tours not physically challenging and hence accessible for families with children.

Co Classical – 3 hour bike tour

Co Combo – 5 hour bike/ boat tour

On our bike tours, children under the age of 12 years get 25% off regular prices.  Small children who can ride with their parents in a child or baby seat can join for free.  Check availability of our tour on the calendar of our booking form.

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